Casablanca that is a mysterious city being subject of Hollywood movies is a perfect city for the sea holiday as well as its culture, nature and architecture. Casablanca that is one of the most important trade centers of the country is a town having the most crowded population of Morocco. Hasan II Mosque, one of the most popular places of the country is located in Casablanca. The structure constructed onto the filled coast of Atlantic Ocean is one of the favorite visiting centers of tourists who come to Casablanca.


IF CASABLANCA COULD TALK... "Dar AL BAIDA", meaning "the White House" in French and "Casablanca" in Spanish is the economic capital of the Kingdom of Morocco. Who would have thought in 1912 that it would become so? Perhaps a person, that is to say the first general resident dispatched by Paris after the protectorate agreements signed in Fez on March 30 of the same year. Indeed, Marshal Hubert Lyautey, after settling in Rabat, understood the strategic importance of Casablanca located on the Atlantic coast, not far from the fertile lands of Morocco and its mining deposits. Lyautey began his "conquest" of the white city by building a port, one of the largest in Africa. As an aesthete through and through, the Marshal continued his work by making the city of 20,000 inhabitants an architectural laboratory. Originally from the region of Nancy, he proposed architects and planners from his country to shape the face of a city whose core was made up of the Medina and the Mellah. Prost first defined the urban layout of the city, then, Boyer, Cadet, Delaporte, Granger and others established the plans of buildings and villas of art deco and neo-Moorish styles. The Square Stanislas de Nancy was also reproduced in the center of Casablanca, housing the Prefecture, the Treasury, a court, the Post Office but also the former home of the Marshal that recently became a very large theater. It is also certainly necessary to conceive this new house of Molière by referring to the art deco, because there is no doubt that Casablanca remains the world capital of this architectural style, very present also in cities like Nice or Cannes. The Habbous district, official residence of the King of Casablanca, is also marked by a strong Art Deco print. However, Casablanca was lacking a major architectural work. The gap was therefore filled at the initiative of the late king Hassan II who issued a subscription for Moroccans to participate in the construction of the second largest mosque in the world. On the waterfront, it is a stone's throw from the corniche, Ain Diab and the particularly exclusive residential area of Anfa.

And how to talk about Casablanca without mentioning the film of the same name with Humphrey Bogart, that was shot in American studios and displaying a Moroccan decor, or the concerts of stars like Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel, Charles Aznavour, Gilbert Bécaud, Warda, Sabah, Salim El Halali and many others... Casablanca, city of arts? It was in any case and would certainly become again thanks to its new theater in particular... We can only hope!

The mysterious city of Casablanca, also the subject of Hollywood films, is characterized as a wonderful city for holidays by the sea, as well as for its culture, its nature and its architecture. Casablanca is also one of the most important commercial centers of the country, constituting the most populated city of Morocco. The Hasan II Mosque, being one of the most popular places in the country, is located in Casablanca. Built on the foothills of the Atlantic Ocean coast, this construction is one of the favorite centers of tourists visiting Casablanca.