Morocco is a kingdom having 32 million of population in North Africa. Muhammed VI, elder son of Hasan II, is the current Morocco King. Capital of Morocco is Rabat, its biggest city is Casablanca. It neighbors with Algeria in the east, Spain in the North, Mauritania and Western Sahara in the South. It would not be wrong to say if we called Morocco as the most colorful, most vivid country of the North Africa.

The country has a different atmosphere either thanks to its location or with its culture and changes it has undergone over the years. Morocco that is located on the corner where Strait of Gibraltar, Europe and Africa is separated is a highly rich country which has a coast to Mediterranean on one side and to Atlantic Ocean on the other side. When it comes to Morocco, redundancy of authentic towns stands out. Casablanca, Marrakesh are the important destinations in the World tourism.

“El-Maghrib – West”

Morocco is a country called with different names in different geographies. Its full name is El-Memleke El-Mağribiyye that is the Kingdom of West. Generally, El-Maghrib-West name is used. The Word of “Morocco” stems from the Word “Morroch” in Latin. Morroch is the name given to Marrakech that is the capital of Marabouts and Muhavvides in Litain. The Iranians call it “Marrakech” and Turkish people call this country as “Fas” due to Fes that is the capital of ancient Idris and Marini.

The first settlements in the present Morocco territories belong to the Neolithic Age. With the arrival of Phoenicians, this strategic corner of Mediterranean was of the interest to Roma and then, this region was included into Roma with the name of Mauritania Tingitana. The region was conquered by Vandals and Visigoths in the 5th Century. This was followed by Byzantine control.